Alix Doherty

is a highly experienced business advisor with specialisations in change management, IT transformation and future focus.

Alix Doherty Advisory leads and helps founders, owners, next generation, executive and managers navigate the tough business decisions that occur during a businesses life cycle. Industry agnostic, we provide support and services to SME and large private companies, family and non family enterprises.

Who I am

Alix Doherty began like most highly sought after advisors, by running very successful businesses. Her graduation from INSEAD was the milestone that saw her transform from Business Owner to Consultant, sharing her wealth of experience with several companies at different stages to achieve the individual and specific success they were seeking.


Non Executive

As a non-executive board member, Alix Doherty has invaluable insights and seasoned judgment when it comes to guiding organisations towards sustainable success.

Advisory Board

Alix Doherty Advisory delivers projects and ongoing coaching and mentoring across business operations, strategic growth, IT transformation, succession and exit.



Being able to effectively communicate business goals at corporate events or internally with your employees is an absolute must. Not only is Alix Doherty a confident communicator, she provides her clients with the resources and coaching necessary for them to communicate effectively by improving clarity and telling the story of their business more effectively.

Family Business

Our strategic approach has been developed out of the lived experience of our principal Alix Doherty, who has grown, and exited a family business and who knows how beneficial excellent advisors and consultants can be to SMEs. Conversely, she also understands how the wrong advisor can be detrimental to an SME and family business.

Mentoring & Coaching

Alix Doherty has coached and mentored business leaders at all stages of their growth. We help elevate your business to the next level by providing not just lived and learned experiences, but through structured approaches to the governance and operational management of the businesses. Alix’s diverse and industry agnostic experience makes her the perfect advisor for businesses.

Mission & Values

Alix Doherty’s mission is to provide both SMEs and large companies with support in all facets of growth development. We lead and help business owners, founders and the next generation in strategic growth, succession and mentoring across all business operations. We add value to your company with our wide range of services strategic advice, succession planning, and Advisory Board establishment and governance.


  • INSEAD – Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Advisory Board Centre’s Certified Chair Executive Program
  • ABRT – Life Member & Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Executive
  • Family Business Association (AU) – Accredited Family Business Advisor
  • Digital Marketing Institute – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

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