Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory boards offer valuable insights, opportunities, and solutions to their companies. Companies can benefit from advisory boards by gaining new insights and solutions to current and future problems. These boards can also help explore growth opportunities within the company in a dedicated environment.

90 Day Advisory Board Establishment

The 90-day Advisory program offers a structured approach to achieving both short-term successes and long-term growth. This helps the business move forward rapidly and become more competitive in the market. With Alix’s industry agnostic, diverse experience she can provide efficient advice and turn businesses around within 90 days.

How I Can Help

With Alix Doherty’s experience and background as an Advisory Board Chair, she understands the importance of being an active member of an advisory board. Alix has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching, shares her excitement about projects, and brings her deep industry knowledge to the table. By leveraging her networks and industry connections, Alix opens doors to new partnerships, investments and market expansion opportunities. She provides an invaluable eye on tasks and positions organisations in the best way to grow for long-term success.

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