Non Executive

Non Executive

Alix Doherty has helped companies grow with her extensive knowledge of practical strategies and understands how having the wrong strategy can be detrimental to a company’s growth, both in SMEs and large corporations.


Having run her own business, Alix Doherty understands the importance of having an effective strategy and has achieved similar milestones in growing Alix Doherty Advisory that her clients are striving for. Alix supports her clients in achieving their growth milestones with her passionate and analytical approach to rapidly changing businesses.

How I Can Help

Drawing from her years of experience in growth strategies, Alix Doherty has grown her own start-up business to a large enterprise, managing revenues up to $60 million p.a. Alix provides support to SME’s and large private companies, family and non-family enterprises. She has become a wealth of knowledge within the advisory industry. We help elevate your business through a strategic and structured approach.

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